Friday, January 22, 2010

Designers Helping Haiti

This Haiti Relief CU Grab Bag Collaboration was put together by designers of Both Just 4 Taggers and Butterfly Blush Designs. There is 21 CU Items inside the Grab Bag, There sizes vary between Tagger Size and Full Size.

Haiti has been hit by the first large earthquake in 240 years. The enormity of the effects of this devastating 7.0 quake are only barely understood at this time. With a possible 200 000 dead these people need every donation they can get, with as many as 1 million children who have lost a parent or both, we thought we had to do something, in the scheme of things its small.

All money from the sale of the CU Grab Bag will go directly to Red Cross for the Haiti Relief Fund. Once the Grab Bag has been brought down from sale, we will then send off the money to Red Cross and provide both stores with a copy of the receipt to show the donations have in fact been made.

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